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GB/T 1196-2002 Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting

Standard Number:  GB/T 1196-2002
Title:  Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2002/8/2
Execute Date:  2003/3/1
Revocatory Date:  2008/12/1
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)METALLURGY>>Non-ferrous metals>>Aluminium and aluminium alloys
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Description:The requirements of this international standard specifies the remelting with aluminum ingots, test methods, inspection rule and marks, packaging, transport and storage. This standard applies to the alumina - cryolite molten salt electrolysis production of remelting aluminum ingots.  
Cross References:

EN 576-1995,;
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  163KB
Tile in English:  Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting

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