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GB/T 17468-2008 The guide for choice power transformers

Standard Number:  GB/T 17468-2008
Title:  The guide for choice power transformers
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/9/24
Execute Date:  2009/8/1
Adopted International Standard:  ANSI/IEEE C57.13-1993;DL/T 985;GB 10230.1;GB 1094.1;GB 1094.11;GB 1094.2;GB 1094.3;GB 1094.5;GB 1208;GB 12348;GB 16847;GB 20052;GB 3096;GB 311.1;GB/T 10228;GB/T 10230.2;GB/T 1094.10;GB/T 1094.7;GB/T 13499;GB/T 17211;GB/T 321;GB/T 4109;GB/T 6451;GB/T 7595;GBJ 148;JB/T 10088;JB/T 10112;JB/T 10317;JB/T 10318;JB/T 10428;JB/T 10430;JB/T 10692;JB/T 2426;JB/T 3837;JB/T 501;JB/T 5345;JB/T 5347;JB/T 6302;JB/T 6484;JB/T 7065;JB/T 7631;JB/T 7633;JB/T 8315;JB/T 8316;JB/T 8317;JB/T 8318;JB/T 8448.1;JB/T 8450;JB/T 8971;JB/T 9639;JB/T 9642;JB/T 9647
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Method
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING>>Transformers. Reactors
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:30  

Description:The provisions of this standard for power plants and substations in power transformer, power plants and transformer substation for private use and guide for the selection of distribution transformer. This standard applies to design department to design power plants and transformer substation in selection. The user to place an order for the transformer, can refer to this guideline to determine transformer technology parameters and the content of the contract.
this standard instead of gb/t 17468-1998, compared with the main changes are as follows:
a) written format According to gb/t 1.1 2000 "standardization guide, part 1: the structure of the standard and write rules" provisions into the
the changes;
b) normative reference file supplemented the gb 20052 three-phase distribution transformers in the limited value of energy efficiency and energy conservation value, dl/t 985 distribution transformer technical and economic evaluation of energy efficiency, jb/t 10317 single phase oil-immersed distribution transformer technical parameters and requirements , jb/t 10318 amorphous alloy iron core oil-immersed distribution transformer and some technical parameters and the required standards transformer component standards;
c) transformer of the special conditions of use for the modification and supplement;
d) in the type of transformer, revised according to pressure regulating methods of classifying transformer and cooling way content;
e) of oil-immersed transformer is recommended according to the rated capacity to choose cooling way;
f) Delete the original standard table 3, the dry type transformer temperature limit satisfy the requirements of dry type transformer load standard;
g) increased demand for relevant transformer components;
h) to delete the original standard appendix c, appendix e and appendix g, other appendices number order change;
I) modified the original standard appendix b, increased about cooling way, insulation level, regulating mode, etc;
modified the original standard appendix j) F the bushing current transformers rated primary current standard; Increases the measuring casing type current transformer accuracy level; Modified the protective sleeve type current transformer accuracy limit factor standard; Modified the bushing current transformer recommended performance parameters of the ratings.  
Cross References:GB311.1 (GB311.1—1997,NEQIEC60071-1:1993)
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Catalog: Preface Ⅰ range 1 2 normative reference file 1 3 conditions of use 2 4 choose the general principles of the transformer, 4, 5 8 6 technical requirements in the three-phase system sound level 9 8 8 7 parallel running transformer transformer thermal aging rate and life expectancy 9 9 9 1 transformer group, parts 0 marks, hoisting, installation, transportation and storage 10 11 the manufacturer shall provide the technical documents and charts 10 12 technical agreement 12 appendix A (informative appendices) three-phase transformer coupling commonly used group of 13 appendix B (informative appendices) the main performance parameters of the transformer and the relationship between the manufacturing cost of 14 the appendix C (informative appendices) transformer parallel operation of the connection methods 17 appendix D (informative appendices) bushing current transformer selection guideline 20 appendix E (informative appendices) the content of the technical agreement is 23   
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  587KB
Tile in English:  The guide for choice power transformers

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