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BS 6349-1-1984 maritime structures. general criteria

Standard Number:  BS 6349-1-1984
Title:  maritime structures. general criteria
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  BS 6349-2:1988

Replacing Standard:  78/14623 DC

Publication Date:  1984/4/30
Execute Date:  1984/4/30
Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:186P.;A4  

Description:Guidance on the criteria relevant to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of structures in a maritime environment and located at or close to the shore. Covers environmental factors, operational requirements, sea state, loadings, geotechnics, materials and protective measures.  
Committees responsible
Code of practice
Section one. General
1. Scope
2. References
3. Definitions
4. Symbols
Section two. Environmental considerations
5. General
6. Survey control
7. Meteorology and climatology
8. Bathymetry and topography
9. Geotechnology
10. Water level
11. Water movement
12. Waves
13. Water quality
14. Sediment transport
Section three. Operational considerations
15. General
16. Design life of structures
17. Ship data
18. Navigation in approach channels
19. Ship handling
Section four. Sea state
20. General
21. Wave characteristics
22. Offshore wave climate
23. Shallow water effects
24. Long waves
25. Storm surge
26. Wave recording and analysis
27. Extrapolation of wave data
28. Effects of breakwaters and sea-walls on sea states
29. Harbour response
30. Acceptable wave conditions for moored boats
31. Acceptable wave conditions for moored ships
Section five. Loads, movements and vibrations
32. General
33. Soil pressures
34. Winds
35. Snow and ice
36. Temperature variations
37. Tides and water level variations
38. Current
39. Waves
40. Earthquakes
41. Berthing
42. Mooring
43. Docking and slipping
44. Cargo storage
45. Cargo handling and transport systems
46. Channelized loading in pavements and decks
47. Movements and vibrations
Section six. Geotechnical considerations
48. General
49. Site investigations
50. Properties of the ground
51. Sheet piled structures
52. Gravity structures
53. Anchorage of structures
54. Slope stability and protection
55. Use of thixotropic liquids in excavations
Section seven. Materials
56. General
57. Stone for armouring or protection works
58. Concrete
59. Structural steel and other metals
60. Timber
61. Piles
62. Pipes
63. Pavements
64. Rail track
65. Brickwork, blockwork and masonry
66. Bituminous materials
67. Rubber and plastics
68. Protective measures
A. Physical properties of commonly stored cargoes
B. Method of test for soundness of aggregate by use
of sodium sulphate or magnesium sulphate
C. Bibliography
1. Diffraction coefficients for single breakwater arm
2. Typical frequencies of environmental forces
3. Effective temperature range for maritime structure
decks in British coastal waters
4. Modification factors for critical flow velocity
5. Drag and inertia coefficients for common structural
6. Suggested transverse berthing velocities
7. Nominal
8. Typical stacking heights
9. Equivalent uniformly distributed loading for rubber-
tyred port vehicles
10. FLT loading: dimensions, loads and effective contact
11. Side-loader jack reactions
12. Mobile crane outrigger reactions
13. RT loading: axle loads and effective wheel pressures
14. Loading due to tracked cranes
15. Typical throughputs for new cargo handling berths
16. Added mass of entrained water
17. Mobilized angle of friction
18. Physical characteristics of soils and rocks
19. Values of KA, the coefficient for active earth
20. Values of Kp, the coefficient for passive earth
21. Grades of concrete
22. Typical upper rates of corrosion for structural
steels in UK maritime conditions
23. Uses of bituminous materials in maritime protection
24. Typical dry bulk densities and angles of repose
25. Typical stacked densities for common commodities
26. Sieve sizes for fine aggregate fractions
27. Sample mass for coarse aggregate fractions
28. Sieve size to determine loss
Numerous figures  
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